System on Module with CrosslinkU-NX
SoM Memory

The FPGA fabric features several Distributed RAM and Embedded Block RAM (EBR) that can be used through the RTL.

It also has two Large RAM (LRAM) blocks that provide can be used for storing larger memory buffers, such as entire frames, or as CPU main memory.

The Compute variant of the SoM additionally has an external OctalSPI or HyperRAM memory installed and interconnected with the FPGA.

Name Num Size (each) Size (total)
Embedded Block RAM (EBR) 64 18 kbit 1153 kbit / 144 kByte
Distributed RAM - 1 bit 220 kbit / 27.5 kByte
Large RAM (LRAM) 5 512 kbit 2560 kbit / 320 kByte
External OctalRAM or HyperRAM 1 64 Mbit 64 Mbit / 8 MByte

Hardware integration

When using the Compute variant of the tinyCLUNX33, an OctalSPI or HyperRAM is available as buffer for processing the data or any purpose by the SoM.

It would then be already hooked to the FPGA pins, with the right pinout.

RTL Integration

RTL synthesis tools such as Lattice Radiant offer to place the Embedded Block RAM (EBR) and Distributed RAM as part of the RTL language.

The LRAM has a blackbox-type module called NXLRAM that can be instancicated to allocate a given NXLRAM block.

The RTL Reference Design shows a possible integration of the NXLRAM as well as a controller for the external RAM chip.

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