System on Module with CrosslinkU-NX

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25.4mm x 25.4mm x 4.5mm module, commercial temperature grade: 0°C to 85°C


  • 2x Hirose high density DF40C 60 pin connectors
  • proven on thousands of SoM's in the field in high vibration environments
  • Spare pins for future proofing

2 flavors:

  • Connectivity: 14 diff pairs, no SSRAM
  • Compute: 8 diff pairs, 32 MB oSPI/HyperRAM @ <0.5GBps

I/O interfaces:

  • 3x fully programmable clocks
  • GPIO, I2C, field updates through FPGA or direct flash programming
  • GPIO voltage is programmable


  • uPython for control path on RISCv
  • No code, graphical RTL generator with large # of IP blocks (under development)

Development boards:

  • devkit for programming/debug
  • tinyCamera board as a basis of a compact camera device
  • extra adapter boards for various camera connectors and expansion

Hardware revisions:

Rev Distributed Sch Asm
v1 never pdf pdf
v2 early users pdf pdf
v3 not yet pdf pdf